Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

Would You Like to See Your Home Sold for Top Dollar?

We all want to get the most out of our investments. There are a couple ways of making sure you get that top dollar offer. The answer is in our time tested strategies that we know to work over and over again. This will give you the edge over your competition.


1. Staging

Staging is the most important thing you could do to make your home feel warm and cozy the second the buyers walk in. Better yet lets get the buyers excited right as they pull up into their perfect future homes driveway they feel the homiest of feelings,to help build a stronger first impression you should be working hard to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Next move inside and stage each space by creating a focal point and a story for each room. A set dining table, a Magazine on the coffee table, or a game in the kids room are all simple examples of staging. There are a numberless amount of different designs out in this wonderful world. Places to get some ideas would be Pinterest, Youtube, and your friends on Facebook.


2. Welcome the Honest Opinions of Others

Often times buyers and agents will comment on your home what they loved and occasionally they comment with what they would like to see changed. This is where you should open your mind to various different ideas and act on the most logical improvement that will bring the most to your investment.

These are marvelous people who want YOUR home and they will often say ideas that would make them feel more attracted to your home. Just remember you will not be living with the improvement so you do not have to love the idea personally, sellers should always come forward with an open mind. The goal is to close your deal for top dollar.


3. Deciding Upon a Realtor ®

As stated by the National Association of Realtors, nearly two-thirds of the people surveyed who sell their own homes say they wouldn’t do it again themselves. Primary reasons included setting a price, marketing handicaps, liability concerns, and time constraints.

When deciding upon a Realtor ®. Be as wary of quotes that are too low as those that are too high. Every Realtor ® are different in the way they work sellers need to find one that works for them! A professional Realtor ® has experience and knows everything they need to know about your current listings, a marketing plan, and will provide their background and references. Evaluate each agent thoroughly on their experience, qualifications, enthusiasm and personality. Be sure you choose someone that you trust and feel confident that they will do a excellent job on your behalf.

If you choose to sell on your own, you can still talk to a Realtor ® . Many are more than willing to help do-it-your-selfers with paperwork, contracts, etc. and should problems arise, you now have someone you can readily call upon.




Robert E. Floodman- CEO/President of Lifestyle Luxury Properties Inc.

Welcome to the Lifestyle Luxury Properties Inc. Blog. We love sharing our secrets to the Real Estate Market and would love to assist you as well when the time is right. If you would like to learn more about ways to get your home sold for top dollar I would love sit down and talk one on one about our strategy to make this process a breeze, whether your selling in one month or one year there’s never a wrong time to start. From First Time Buyers to Luxury Estates, you can be sure that your transaction will be at the top of our agenda and you will be shocked how easy me and my team can make this heart warming process for you and your family.

My Best,

Robert E. Floodman

International Estate Specialist

A Gem in the Heart of Loomis New Listing


Open September 27th 12-4pm

A Gem in the heart of Loomis! Lots of room to roam on your 1.8 level acres. Home is where the heart is and this home is perfect for large gatherings and creating memories of a lifetime. Beautiful orchard with large mature fruit trees and a large workshop and additional storage sheds. Large Fenced backyard for keeping your pets safe with covered patio and spa. Stunning refinished hardwood floors. You will enjoy those cozy nights in front of fireplace. Lots of storage in kitchen. Refrigerator, stove, oven and dishwasher included as well as washer & dryer. Newer roof and ducting in attic. On city water and sewer. Well water available in enclosed pump shed. Next door to elementary school. You will fall in love with the special place to call your home!

Visit our tour factory at

4 Bedrooms-2 Baths-1,702 sq. ft. Built in 1966.


Front of House 3Kitchen 2Family RoomBackyard 2

Pasture 2










What is the Best Countertop for your Kitchen?

banner03 Buckingham-Cambria-Quartz-Finished-Installed-Kitchen-Countertop-Island-Granix 0a1cbc4af317482e66811fff589f19bb


Countertops have to be durable and also fashionable to help your kitchen stand out amongst others. Here are 6 of the most durable countertops today.

  1. Quarts= $40-$100 per sq. ft.:  This is the most durable counter top over all others. It is a mix of crushed quartz and resin which helps add to the natural stones toughness. It wont chip or crack, is stainless and bacteria resistant. the cons are that its not as heat resistant as other stones like Granite.
  2. Granite= $40-$100 per sq. ft.: Granite is still considered one of the top home features to  have according to the National Association of Realtors. Granite is very tough, It wont crack or chip and is heat resistant. The cons with granite is if you hit it hard enough it can put a chip in the edge. Not all color are the same as the sample that you look at each piece of granite can be different.
  3. Crushed Glass (Recycled)= $60-$120 per sq. ft.: This is a newer type of countertop that is stunning to look at. It is made from recycled beer bottles, traffic lights and windshields. You can either set it in acrylic which makes it look like its floating or set it in cement which makes the glass a shimmery mosaic. They don’t chip, scratch or stain. The con’s are how expensive it is and if any acidic foods sit on it to long it can eat away at the acrylic.
  4. Laminate= $10-$40 per sq. ft.: Laminate is a paper plastic product. It is a great price and is stain resistant and comes in many colors to choose from. The con’s are that it cracks , scratches and scorches easily. It is very hard to repair and a lot of people tend to avoid laminate.
  5. Tile= $5-$30 per sq. ft.: Tile is a very versatile counter-top material. Tile is tough, easy to clean, and is resistant to cuts, stains, and heat. Tile comes in many different colors to choose from. The con’s are that it can crack if you drop something heavy on it and the surface is very uneven and can be difficult to work on.
  6. Solid-Surfacing= $35-$100 per sq. ft.: Solid surfaces comes in many different colors to choose from and scratches can be easily fixed. The con’s are that it can be very expensive and it doesn’t look as nice as granite or quartz. It also scratches and burns easily and is not a green product.



Two Beautiful Homes Open!


Please come and join us at these two beautiful homes this weekend. 2681 Clay Street, Placerville CA will be open Sep. 18th from 4-6 pm and 5620 Beauchamp Ct. Carmichael CA Open Sep. 19th from 1-4pm and Sep. 20th from 1-4pm.


2681 Clay Street, Placerville, CA

Kitchen 3Front of House 2

This Charming Contemporary Home with stunning natural light will delight. Lots of room to call home. Wonderful family dining room combo is open concept with gas fireplace. Master bedroom is spacious and bright with a walk- in closet, double sinks, shower stall, and sunken tub.The two bedrooms share a full bathroom with double sinks and both have generous closet space. Wonderful kitchen with a breakfast nook. Build your memories of a lifetime in this wonderful home. You will fall in love.


5620 Beauchamp Ct. Carmichael, CA


Lush Tranquil Estate. Lovely meticulous home located on quiet cul-de-sac. Updated open floor concept. Beautifully remodeled kitchen with maple cabinets, gorgeous granite counters, upgraded appliances and newer flooring throughout. Double insulated finished garage. Escape into the lush tropical landscaped backyard with 600 sq ft of covered patio, exotic plants, shade trees, fruit trees, greenhouse and workshop. Relax in the Jacuzzi tub as you savor your tropical surroundings.

Hope to see you there!





7 Myths about Real Estate (Buyers and Sellers)



You shouldn’t always believe everything you read or hear. Researching information yourself before you make a decision will help you separate fact from fiction and creating your own opinion. This is very important especially when you are dealing with the buying or selling of real estate. Here are seven most common myths pertaining to the buying and selling of real estate.

  1. Setting the price of your home higher then what it is worth– If your home is priced a lot higher then what it’s worth then some agents wont waste their time looking at it or showing it. Also if the house sits for to long on the market buyers will become suspicious and will send offers way below asking price.
  2. Receiving a better deal when not using a real estate agent– The sales commission is actually built into the price of the listing and if you don’t have an agent the commission sale will go all to the seller’s agent.
  3. Saving money by selling yourself– If you do sell your home yourself you can save money, but it is very hard to sell a home if you don’t understand how to do the following properly. Posting to online sites, market your home, negotiate, write contracts, and the process of lone application/inspections. If you don’t know how to do any of these things then you will not save money and even might not sell your home.
  4. Market is only going up– The market doesn’t only go up. With the recent economic downturn in 2007 people should realize that just because prices are slowly going up doesn’t mean that it wont drop again. Always keep an eye on the market and you will be able to have an idea when it could rise and fall.
  5. Renovating your kitchen and bathroom before selling– You only want to remodel your kitchen and bathroom when it is out dated or is older and not functioning properly. If it is a newer home and in good condition then don’t waste your money renovating it.
  6. Earning back the money that you put in your home for renovations– Not many renovations will help you earn your money back completely. Your most likely to only get back around “70% for bathrooms and 67.8% for kitchen” according to Cost vs. renovate 2015. So if you are going to renovate your home do it for your enjoyment not only to help it sell.
  7. Open Houses Sells Properties– Choosing to have an open house or not it probably wont hurt your sale chances. Providing as much exposure for your home is crucial, open houses are just one of many avenues for exposure.



What type of Home do you Own?


Have you ever wondered what style home you own? There are so many different styles of houses today that it can be hard to identify your home style. Especially with so many custom made homes you might end up with a mix of different styles. Below are 8 style of houses that have been popular throughout the years.

Cape Cod– Is a home designed to withstand the elements. It’s a very simple home that dates back to the colonists. They are know for there steeply pitched roofs, dormers, rectangular shape and that the front door is set in the middle with two windows on either side.traditional-exterior






Colonial– Is one of the most popular style of homes in this country today.  It is very spacious and elegant with a traditional layout of living space on the first floor and bedrooms on the second floor. It is known for its symmetrical square shape and staircase behind the front door. It’s a very sturdy house that is well suited for todays lifestyle.american-iconic-colonial-design-style






Contemporary-This style of home embraces and unbalanced design with different size windows and lacking ornamentation. Its very rare to see a duplicate of this style. It is designed to highlight the outdoors. This type of style is an acquired taste and could be hard to find a buyer for when you want to sell it.contermporary-house-92





Craftsman– Was originated in America in southern CA at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a type of bungalow that is simple with symmetry ornate wood trim and an open layout. There is many different materials used in the structure of this style.







Mediterranean– This is a very popular style in Florida, California and the Southwest. Came from the early colonization in North and South America. It is known for it’s red clay tile roof and mediterranean architecture. Usually has stucco walls, courtyards/patios, arches, painted tiles, and limestone walls in the kitchen to help it breath.Florida House






Ranch– Was very popular with the post war generation through out the mid 20th century. they are known for there low and long rooflines and being single story. It has large windows, sliding doors to the patio and post or beam ceilings. this is usually what first time home buyers buy or aging baby boomers.065D-0164-ranch





Tudor– This style is constructed with brick, stone, concrete, and slate. This style tends to hold up well over time because of the strength of the construction materials. This style cam from the Tudor dynasty in 16th century England. It is known for its decorative brick and stone, grand fireplaces, and stained glass windows.tudor_57nottghm






Victorian– Every Victorian home is different. this style emerged during the reign of Queen Victoria. The Architecture was very beautiful but wasn’t practical. It has tower porches, color schemes and jeweled exterior. They can be very expensive to heat and cool because of there size.RX-HGMAG013_House-Style-Poll-a-068-blog

Why Saltwater Pool’s are Better then Chlorine Pool’s


Saltwater pool’s have become very popular in today’s society. Chlorine burn’s your eyes, is harsh on your skin and has a very overwhelming smell. 30% of in ground pools in the U.S. are Saltwater pools.

In Oder to maintain freshwater pools you have to put store bought chlorine in the water to disinfect it. But in saltwater pools they have electrolytic chlorine generator. The generator separates the salt into two elements. One of the element’s  are chlorine which disinfects the water. What makes this chlorine different is that it doesn’t produce chloramines which is what irritates your eyes, body and causes the strong smell.

Now when I say saltwater pools it’s not salty like the ocean. Saltwater pools have a lower amount of salt equivalent to the saltiness of a teardrop. It is very similar to what is in your eye, thats why it doesn’t irritate them.

Saltwater pools have low maintenance, lower annual costs, constant chlorine levels, and it feels amazing on your skin. The only drawbacks to a saltwater pools is high startup costs, replacing the salt cells about every 5 years and it can corrode anything metal.

Overall Saltwater pools benefit everyone. Why not swim without irritation and strong smells! Next time you put in a pool consider saltwater pools.

Drought Resistant Plants with Gorgeous Flowers



Living in California in the summer is always hot and dry. This year has been even worse! California is in a major drought which causes us to stop watering our plants to save water. Planting plants that you rarely have to water to keep alive will help your home look stunning even in these harsh dry times. Hear are some plants that are drought resistant.


  1. Four O’Clocks – (Colors: White, pink, yellow, and variegated.) Can grow up to 3 ft. tall and are very fragrant.
  2. Beard Tongue (Colors: Bright red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, Variegated and White.) Known to attract humming birds.
  3. Purple Coneflower – (Colors: Pinkish petals, and a magenta center. Also comes in white and orange.) Blooms in the summer.
  4. Day lilies – (Colors: Dozens of colors but deep orange is classic.) They are trouble free and can grow in any soil.
  5. Lavender – (Colors: Blue, purple, white, and pink.) Very fragrant which attracts bees and butterflies.
  6. Bluebeard – (Colors: Blue, and pink.) Can grow up to 4 ft. tall
  7. Azalea – (Colors: White, pink, red, and purple.) They Prefer filtered not direct sun-light.
  8. Spirea (Colors: Pink, red, and white.) Can grow up to 3 ft. tall and is a great foundation cover.
  9. Hydrangea – (Colors: White, pink, red, and blue.) Their color is affected by the soil type that it grows in.
  10. Snapdragon – (Colors: Red, yellow, purple, white, and pink.) Can grow up to 3 ft. tall and requires very little watering.



Empty Home’s Don’t Sell Fast







If you are selling your home you always want to make sure that your home has furnishing in it. Selling a home that is empty all start to look the same especially, when people have been viewing houses all day. You want to make your home stand out over everyone else’s! Here are 3 reasons why you should not have an empty home.

1. Empty Homes can amplify negative thoughts within people. They will see imperfections easier which will cause them to not be interested and also over look good features.

2. Lacks vision of its layout and doesn’t show how each space can be used, messing up the flow of the house.

3. Doesn’t have imagination and feeling, people buy home’s on emotion.

Furnishing is the difference between a house and a home.

Broker Open House

 An Equine Love Affair









Please join us for our Broker Open House on Thursday June 18th for an elegant wine and refreshments soirée at this magnificent home in Loomis. Come experience this beautiful home with magnificent landscaping and exquisite equestrian amenities. This Estate is a dream come true for any horse lover. We look forward to seeing you there! Please call Robert at 916-204-7390 for directions to the property.

Click on the link below for the Virtual Tour for the Estate