5 Trees that Add Color and Curb Appeal in Autumn

It might be a bit late to plant some of these gorgeous trees, but in Honor of fall, here are 5 trees that will claim center stage each Autumn.

1) Japanese Maple – (Maroon to Orange) – these slow-growing beauties reach 15 to 25 feet tall and are great planted alone or in groups. Songbirds, squirrels and chipmunks love these seeds.

2) Vine Maple – (Yellow, Orange, Red) – the unusual arching/twisting branches provide year-round interest and curb appear to your home. These 15 foot trees are good for urban gardens and large containers; usually pest and disease free.

3) Winterthur – (Maroon to Red-Purple) – the Winterthur is a versatile 6 to 10 foot tree; good as an accent, foundation, border, or street-side planting

4) Paper Birch – (Bright Yellow) – these gigantic 50-70 foot tall birch trees grow vibrant yellow leaves in the autumn. When young, stems appear dark red then turn creamy white on mature trunks. Fun fact, you can also tap the trunk in spring for sap you can make into beer, syrup and vinegar.

5) Sugar Maple – (Red, Orange, Gold) – similar to the Paper Birch, the Sugar Maple can reach incredible heights of 60 to 75 feet. These tall beautiful trees are long living and provide shade from its dense crown.